“So I know I’m supposed to pray, but are my prayers really making a difference?” Have you wondered
about this, too? Parents, grandparents, pastors, new Christians and those who have walked with God for years—all of you will discover why your prayers are absolutely essential! In Section 1, Pastor Brooks shares the five prayers that he prays daily for his children and grandchildren: Prayer of Protection, Prayer of Consecration, Prayer for Health, Prayer for God’s Will, and Prayer for Their Future. No matter what age your children or grandchildren are, it’s never too late to begin praying in a strategic way for them. And in Section 2, you’ll get a glimpse at what is happening in heaven when you pray. You’ll be
challenged to make prayer more about others than about yourself, and you’ll find out how you can be a one-percent pray-er!

5 Prayers for your Children & Lessons about Prayer

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    Gerald Brooks is the founding pastor of Grace Outreach Center, an interdenominational church in Plano, Texas. The church began in 1982, and has grown to a weekend attendance of over 5,000. 

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