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Gerald Brooks is the founding pastor of Grace Outreach Center, an interdenominational church in Plano, Texas. The church began in 1982, and has grown to a weekend attendance of over 5,000.  Grace Outreach Center has creatively targeted youth and children as the focus of its ministry. The  congregation, although located in a community that, according to the 2000 census, is 78% white and only 5% African American, is a diverse body of believers, with 45% of the attenders representing other ethnicities and cultures. Over 35 nationalities are represented at Grace Outreach Center, with the majority of these representing African nations.

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Pastor Brooks is well-known for his passionate heart to help other pastors, and he mentors and teaches ministers across the country through church growth seminars including John Maxwell's Breaking the 500, and Breaking the 1000 Barrier conferences. Pastor Brooks hosts the annual North Texas Leadership Conference in Plano, which draws ministers from all over the country. He travels across the nation teaching roundtables, and also offers monthly leadership CDs. He is a contributor to the New Spirit Filled Life Bible and the author of many books on leadership and spiritual principles, including Understanding Your Pain Threshold, What I Learned While Destroying a Church, and The Building Blocks of Leadership, among many others.


Pastor Brooks has received two honorary doctorate degrees. He received his first honorary doctorate in 2003 from Beulah Heights University in Georgia for his distinguished service to the body of Christ, and in recognition of his ministry to pastors and Christian leaders across the country. He received his second honorary doctorate in 2015 from Ohio Christian University in recognition of his outstanding leadership to pastors all over this nation. Pastor Brooks was also inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Preachers at Morehouse College. An Equip Board Member, Pastor Brooks partners with John Maxwell to help raise up international Christian leaders to fulfill the Great Commission in every nation. Service to his community has always been an important value; Pastor Brooks has served on municipal boards.

Born in New Mexico and raised in a military family, Pastor Brooks lived in several states, including a few years in Germany. Living on military bases, he formed friendships with kids of all different colors, and saw that families of every color were sacrificing for our country. He saw the flag-draped caskets bearing heroes of every color of skin, and learned to respect and honor each one the same. Therefore it was natural for him, when he became a pastor, to strategically build a church that represents every race. He often shares of his pleasure in seeing a congregation that is representative of the colors in heaven.

Pastor Brooks and his wife, Geni, have been married for 40 years and are the proud parents of three children: Wendi, Kayci, and Cody.


             Things others have said about Pastor Gerald Brooks

“Since the inception of your friendship, it has been an ever increasing joy to discover the expanding and unfolding grace of God’s working in and through your life and ministry. Whenever I meet a truly godly man, I am rejoiced; and whenever I meet a truly diligent one, I am inspired. The beauty of your walk with our Savior, and the quality of your enterprise in serving Him, blends both of these qualities – godliness and diligence; i.e., a consistency of character and a passionate pursuit of ministry. For these things I am thankful… and beyond them, all the more grateful for yet another trait – the love of God. Among those who hold deftly and boldly to the strong principles of faith, your evenhanded application of these truths, always spoken and taught “in love” distinguish your leadership in a wonderful way. God bless you, Gerald. I’m thankful and privileged to be called a close friend of yours.”

                                                                               -Jack Hayford


“It has been a privilege to be your friend and mentor for several years. As a friend, you have endeared yourself to me in the following ways: When I cast the vision to train leaders, you were the first to respond. Whenever we are together you always look for ways to add value to me. As your mentor, I have marveled at your appetite to grow and your grasp of leadership principles. You have extended my ministry by becoming a pastor of pastors and a leader of leaders. You also followed in my footsteps by marrying way above yourself!”

                                                                                 -John Maxwell


“Gerald, 20 years of successful ministry is quite a milestone in your life and one definitely to be celebrated! You graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1977, and in October 1982 you pioneered Grace Outreach Center. You have been a leader in winning the hearts of your congregation, as well as a man with a vision, reaching even beyond the church, to bring lives into the Kingdom. Faithfulness is a great key in fulfilling the great commission. I have often said, it pays rich dividends to serve God…and it really does! May God bless you abundantly as you continue to move forward in Him!”

                                                                                 -Kenneth Hagin

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