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Laws govern every aspect of our lives. They are always there. Regardless of whether we choose to obey them, it would be incredibly foolish to ignore them. The Bible teaches us that there are also spiritual laws at work in our lives. Ignoring them might be possible, but it’s not wise. The Laws of Increase are comprised of seven such spiritual laws. Instead of ignoring them, let’s educate ourselves about them, and learn how to apply them to our everyday life, habits, and mindset.

God’s plan is to bring multiplication and increase into your life. Pastor Gerald Brooks brings us this book, The Laws of Increase, which defines increase according to God’s definition, challenging our existing definitions, presumptions, and motivations to pursue increase. Throughout his book, Pastor Brooks takes an in depth look at each one, examines the nuances of each and explains how to apply them into our lives:

The Laws of Increase

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